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Harshal Gramin Vikas Bahu. Sanstha, Chandrapur are Voluntary, non profit, renowned, well known non government organization in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra State organized by qualified, socialist & Experienced personnel in area Since last 12 years organization work in Rural & Urban development issue like Water Supply and Sanitation, Watershed Development, Natural Resource Management, SHG formation & Strengthen, Women Empowerment, Envoi mental issues, Health, Village Industries Development, Forest & Village Development, Rain Water Harvesting, Education, Cultural activity, Natural Resource Management, Non-conventional energy source and other socially helpful activity with the help of tools like IEC, Exhibition, workshop, Training program, Micro planning, Survey, Social Audit, Civil Construction work, Group meeting, Gramsabha, Door to Door visit, for Beneficiaries like farmer, APL and BPL peoples, Marginal Group, Weaker Section, Remote area peoples, Women, child Labor, Tribal and Backward peoples, handicapped, Educated unemployed youngster, small entrepreneur & Cooperative Society. In past years working we had achieved formation & linkages of 1200 rural SHGs also provide livelihood support to 2200 women’s & men’s from 300 SHGs through SGSY, Support to Artisan Program, Watershed Management, Targeted Intervention and PPTCT Program. Also we take care of Health & Operative care of ANC, Adolescent Boys & Girls, diseased peoples from rural areas of 15 Block villages through Reproductive Child Health, PPTCT, TI, DHSS Project & help in minimizing the Maternal Mortality Rate, Infant Mortality Rate, Population Control. We had motivated the peoples for water conservation through Shivkalin Pani Sathawan Yojana & formed 250 rain water harvesting Structure & 10 well construction for Tribes in 26 villages. Also we had played vital role in promotion of Toilets construction in rural areas through Water Supply & Sanitation Program & completed the 600 Toilets constructions. Literate 650 rural illiterate peoples through literacy Program in 13 villages also create water & soil conservation Structure with public participation & DPR preparation work in 16 villages through Watershed Project. Also we had monitored the village Development work in sector like Education, Environment & Agricultural Activity.

Harshal Organization have well equipped Official Infrastructure made up of 15 Faculties of different Urban & Rural developments issues sectors like Survey, Research, Assessment, Implementation, Administration in Field of Health, Information & Communication, Education, Environment, Sanitation, Technology & Qualified Human Resources. Harshal also have well Flourished Training Infrastructure at Maharashtra State & have jurisdiction of working area for Districts in Maharashtra State.
Organizational Detail
Name: Harshal Gramin Vikas Bahu. Sanstha, Chandrapur
Established (year): Nov. 1997
Registration Details:
(Act & reg. number)
Society Registration Act ( 1860) : 470/97(chd)
Bombay Public Trust Act (1950) : F - 5864
PAN Card Registration - AAATH4269C
Service Tax Registration - AAATH4269CSD001
Shop Act Registration - 2008/CHD/CE-2
Date of Registration: 24/11/1997
Type of Organization (1) Voluntary Organization
Exemption-I.T/S-11 Nil
(1) Eg: Civil Society Org., Local NGO, Network of Alliances, Other (specify)

Desk of President

Harshwardhan Pipare

Desk Of President


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Annual Report for 2011 -2012

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