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Relevant Services Carried Out in the Last Five Years

Assignment Name    : Consultancy Assignment for Capacity Building & Fostering of Water User Association
Name & Address of Client Agency   : WORLD BANK & WRD, Govt. of Maharashtra
Clients Contact Person for the Assignment   :
(Name, designation, Phone, e-mail)
Mr. R.N. Shelke
Executive Engineer, MID, Nagpur 0712-2423234
Professional Staff provided by Your
No of Staff-Months
Duration of Assignment
36 Months
Start Date (Month/Year)
Completion Date(Month/Year)
5 Feb. 2009
4 Feb. 2012
Approx. Value of Services
(Lakh Rs.)
Rs. 2,02,00,000/-
Name of Associated Consultants.
If any
No of Months of Professional Staff provided by Associated Consultants 36
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed : Dr. D. B. Rane, Mr. Dharmaji Pazare
Engg. Prakash Hunde, Mr. Pradip Tadvekar
Narrative Description of Project
Maharashtra water sector improvement project is funded by world bank through water resource department mainly executed for cultivators in command area of major, medium & minor irrigation project. Our organization with the help of 3 expert & 36 supportive staff doing work of capacity building & fostering of water use association. Also supervising the repair & renovation work of Dams & canal.
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff
1. Project Planning & Village Developmental Plan Preparation
2. Awareness of program indicator.
3. Capacity building for Administration & Management aspect of WUA.
4. Renovation of water Storage structure.
5. Monitoring & guide to subordinates.
6. Mainstreaming of different project indicator with various authority.
7. Operation & Maintenance schedule of Irrigation System Preparation.

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Harshwardhan Pipare

Desk Of President


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