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Relevant Services Carried Out in the Last Five Years

Assignment Name    : BRGF TRAINING PROGRAM
Name & Address of Client Agency   : DRDA, Chandrapur & YASHDA , PUNE
Clients Contact Person for the Assignment   :
(Name, designation, Phone, e-mail)
Mr. Kailash Pardeshi
Project Director, 07172-253408
Professional Staff provided by Your
No of Staff-Months
Duration of Assignment
60 Months
Start Date (Month/Year)
Completion Date(Month/Year)
5 Sept. 2009
4 Sept. 2014
Approx. Value of Services
(Lakh Rs.)
Rs. 25,50,000/-
Name of Associated Consultants.
If any
No of Months of Professional Staff provided by Associated Consultants 16
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed : Mr. Vithal Barde, Dr. A.G. Kamble
Dr. Maske, Dr. Farkade
Narrative Description of Project
Organization working under BRGF Training Programme in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra State since last 2 Year. Organization selected for said work through SIRD, Maharashtra i.e. YASHADA, Pune. Organization took Training of 1800 Elected Representative in Four Block of Chandrapur District in Last Years. Organization Have required Infrastructure for same Training Programme.
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff
1. Preparation of Training Module.
2. Training given to Elected representative & Official of PRI.
3. Preparation of Village Development Plan.
4. Capacity building for Administration & Management aspect.
5. Renovation of water Storage structure.
6. Training of Forest and waste management, Rain water harvesting Plan, Tourism development.

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Harshwardhan Pipare

Desk Of President


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