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Relevant Services Carried Out in the Last Five Years

Assignment Name    : Prevention of Parent To Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS Project
Name & Address of Client Agency   : Maharashtra AIDS Control Society (MSACS), Mumbai
Clients Contact Person for the Assignment   :
(Name, designation, Phone, e-mail)
Mr. Sabde, IAS
Project Director, MSACS, Mumbai
Professional Staff provided by Your
No of Staff-Months
Duration of Assignment

36 months

Start Date (Month/Year)
Completion Date(Month/Year)
Sept. 2007
March 2010
Approx. Value of Services
(Lakh Rs.)
Name of Associated Consultants.
If any
No of Months of Professional Staff provided by Associated Consultants 36
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed : Mr. Pradip Talvekar
Narrative Description of Project
To minimize the transmission of HIV/AIDS from parent to child is main objective of this project. organization covered all 15 block in Chandrapur district, total 30 personnel team working for this project. during implementation of program our peer educator covered 48000 pregnant mother for testing of HIV , also get follow of 136 HIV affected Mother & 124 affected Mother Born Baby for rehabilitation.
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff
1. Outreach Activity towards Pregnant Mother.
2. Motivation of peoples regarding HIV testing.
3. Bahavioral change.
4. Awareness of Health Education & Diagnostic Health Camp.
5. Care & support.

Desk of President

Harshwardhan Pipare

Desk Of President


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