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To open, establish, manage and to supervise all type of Educational Institutions for the boys, girls and adults such as Crèches, Primary Schools, High School, Art, Commerce, Science colleges ,Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Training Center, Computer Education, Yoga center and Social work Colleges.
To raise the Educational, Social Health and Economical standard of the people of all Classes and stages irrespective of sex, religion.
To encourage women development through opening of physical Education Institutions, women counseling center, short term Hostels for working women, Nurse’s Training School, women ITI Colleges, etc. To work for women empowerment.
To open Hostels for poor boys and girls students. To open and run Ashram Shalas for scheduled castes(SC), scheduled tribes(ST) and Vimukts Jati(VJ) and Nomadic Tribes(NT).To open and run all types of Institutions for crippled and mentally retarded students.
To print and published books, magazines & periodicals news paper and to spend the income coming out of these for the benefit of the society.
To organize Exhibitions and Cultural programs such as Kalapathak, Play, Nakala, Pathnatya and Indian culture awareness through research publication, seminar, workshop, Hording boards etc. To aware the public regarding Indian heritage.
To open and run Hospitals and Nursing Homes for general public, To run Maternity Homes for women, To run health- home for children. To open and run de-addiction, counseling and assistance center, To open treatment, counseling and assistance center for AIDS, Sickle cell anemia, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Filarial, Eye(blindness)diseases, skin diseases, polio affected patient.
To organize workshop regarding education in Human Values, Social Gathering, community dinners, Social conferences and to run libraries for the upliftment of General Society. To conduct researches on stages of women, child, old aged and to extend economic & moral support. To make affords to removal of illiteracy from rural & urban area.
To work for Natural Resource Management, Plantation of Herbal Medicine, pollution control, Environmental balance, awareness of Non-conventional energy source, Road traffic safety program, telephone awareness, survey, Micro planning, IEC of different issues. To save wildlife animal & forest wood.
To Conduct Assessment Studies & Report Preparation of Various Government, Semi Government, Private entity Program/ Schemes which was implemented for Social/Nation Development.
To open counseling/ Training Workshop center for Conduction of handcrafting, embroidery, dairy business, small-scale industries, poultry farm Classes program for unemployed peoples.
To provide consultancy and specialist services to livestock owners, government, semi government and allied agencies, to provide technical expert advice to different government and other agencies whenever called upon.

Desk of President

Harshwardhan Pipare

Desk Of President


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